'Lost my best friend' Cass on Karl split

Leah Cohen

Cassandra Thorburn has finally confirmed her separation from husband Karl Stefanovic, emotionally revealing she's 'grieving' for the loss of her 'best friend.'

“I’m grieving the loss of my relationship. The loss of my best friend and life partner," she's reveals to Mum Central in the first actual interview she's given since the collapse of their 21-year marriage.

"I’m just like every other mother and wife who is going through a marriage break up,” she says.

Cass has finally confirmed the breakdown of her 21-year marriage to Karl Stefanovic. Photo: Getty Images

What's more, she admits the split has left her with so much anxiety that sometimes she's 'scared' to leave the house.

“I don’t want to be scared to go out, but there are days when I dread going to the supermarket," she says.

The mother-of-three has also defended herself against an opinion piece which claimed she shouldn’t have given up her career to be a stay-at-home mum, while Karl was allowed to advance his.

And now she's hit back, admitting she was “really offended” by the article.

Cassandra was married to Karl for 21 years. Source: Getty Images.

“I, like many women and many men, have been supportive of my partner’s career. The decision for me to take a step back from my career was our decision together and based on what was best for our family. I never thought that I was going to be a stay at home mum forever," she says.

"I didn’t know when I would return to work, so the criticism that I stayed at home living off Karl because I could, was really hurtful and insulting."

Karl and Cassandra with Erica Packer. Source: Instagram.

Before their wedding, Cass was a successful journalist, who began her career working in community radio aged just 13.

She is still a hardworking woman who volunteers in the uniform shop at her daughter’s school and does canteen duty weekly even though her children have long left their local public school.

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“There’s a lot of schools out there who struggle to get the volunteers," she says.

"Not every family can make the decision we made for me to be a full time mum, and I know that the parents who need to be in the workforce appreciate the support of the parents who can volunteer their time to help make the school a better place.

"Even though my kids are no longer there, I volunteer at the public school because I care."

Unlike Karl, Cass was never interested in becoming a celebrity or hanging out with that crowd, and made a conscious decision to be a stay at home mum and focus on her private life than worrying about her celebrity status and what people say about her in the media.

Since the breakup, Cass has received an overwhelming amount of support from friends, family and fans, which she says has made all the difference.

“I’ve had the most incredible messages from people reaching out and people I don’t even know have offered their support. But if you do see me in the street, just some compassion would be nice.”

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