Louis Vuitton sues fried chicken restaurant for stealing their trademark

Leah Cohen

Never in a million years would think to see Louis Vuitton mentioned in the same sentence as fried chicken.

Well, one South Korean restaurant was determined to meld the French fashion label and fried food together one way or another.

The Seoul restaurant's name and logo bears a striking resemblance to Louis Vuitton's. Photo: Twitter

The owner had called his Seoul restaurant, “Louis Vuiton Dak,” a play on the Korean word "tongdak," which means “whole chicken.”

But the resemblance doesn’t stop there.

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The owner also decided to create a logo for his chicken joint, which bears a stark similarity to the fashion brand’s signature “LV” logo and had it printed on serviettes and his fried chicken take-out boxes.

To no surprise, Louis Vuitton wasn’t happy to hear their brand was being associated with fried chicken, and in September last year, decided to send their South Korean friend a courtesy cease-and-desist letter.

The fashion label sued the restaurant for damaging the brand's image. Photo: Instagram

Noted, the owner then went on to change his restaurant’s name to "chaLouisvui tondak," claiming the new name was completely different. However, the Seoul district court couldn’t have disagreed with the poor man more.

He was fined AUD$16,000 for not complying with the first order.

"Although he changed the name with different spacing, the two names sounded almost the same," the Korea Times quoted the judge.