Love Thy Neighbor

Question for Deepak:

Do I literally have to love my neighbor to be a good person?


The biblical teaching of loving your neighbor as you love yourself has embedded within it a very powerful teaching. I believe that this message of loving requires us to first know ourself at the deepest level of consciousness. This self-awareness is the standard of self-love upon which we are to love others.

I don't think Christ's message is just a moral admonition to try to behave nicely to others, because that is behavior referenced to outer social standards, not love of your inner self.

This love of the higher self is developed with restful awareness of oneself through direct experience of pure consciousness. This inner divine intimacy which one has cultured in the silence of one's awareness can then begin to be upheld in outer thought and behavior.

As one proceeds through various stages of knowing oneself, one's external behavior toward others, and the world in general, reflects more and more of the dignity of the Self.

Finally, in a higher state of self-awareness, this process culminates in the ability to love everyone and everything as intimately as you love your Self, because they are your Self. You experience unity and absolute connection with everyone and everything as a living reality.