Dean and Davina's secret kiss in MAFS teaser

Rebekah Scanlan

Married At First Sight looks set to shock tonight, as the show teases that Dean and Davina will kiss behind their respective partner's backs.

Dean, who is 'married' to Tracey, and Davina, who is 'married' to Ryan, hit it off when they met at the group's first dinner party, flirting outrageously over the table.

Now it seems as though the pair have been unable to resist each other, with the clip showing them having a conversation about wanting to pursue each other, followed by flashes of them in what appears to be a steamy clinch.

Dean and Davina are seen together in a secret meeting. Source: Nine
The pair are then seen getting hot and heavy in what appears to be a kiss. Source: Nine

In the ultimate betrayal, Dean and Davina can't keep their hands off each other and the voiceover promises the week of viewing ahead will be "the biggest week of married drama".

Things start with Davina intent on snagging her man, deceptively telling Tracey that "Dean may not be your perfect person" in a bid to sabotage their relationship.

Tracey seems surprised by Davina's advice, seemingly not knowing she has an ulterior motive. Source: Nine
Tracey is married to Dean, but he seems keen on Davina. Source: Nine

After lots of steamy lingering glances the pair can be seen sitting next to each other, where Davina asks Dean if he wants to be in a relationship with her.

"I do," he says. WOAH.

The pair confirm they want to date each other. But they're married to other people. Source: Nine
Davina was partnered with Ryan. Source: Nine

Things then cut to shots of them embracing in a busy street, in what appears to be a secret meeting, then cuts to them on a couch in a hands-on embrace.

It's not just the viewers who will be shocked by this deception, as the relationship experts appear to look on at their behaviour in horror.

The experts are horrified by what they two are up to. Source: Nine
What will their partners think when they find out? Source: Nine

Relationship expert John Aiken declares their behaviour "a betrayal."

Guess we'll have to tune in tonight to see just how far these two forbidden lovers will go.

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