Fans speculate MAFS' Troy is 'fake'

Rebekah Scanlan

He's the Married At First Sight contestant who is well-known for his over the top behaviour.

But Troy's unusual antics have led fans to believe the love hopeful is actually "fake" and the controversial theory is now being discussed widely on Twitter.

Viewers of the Channel Nine show are struggling to believe that the 35-year-old — who is 'married' to Ashley — is genuine after a series of weird behaviours, most notably the downright bizarre way he brushes his teeth.

Do normal people brush their teeth like this? Viewers don't think so. Source: Nine

Troy entered MAFS looking for love but fans suspect he's an actor. Source: Nine

Troy first left viewers dumbfounded during his first introduction, where he was seen eating tuna before his wedding and then aggressively brushing his teeth with toothpaste dribbling all down his face.

But his "weird" habits didn't stop there.

He's married to Ashley and is hinting on social media they are still together. Source: Instagram @troydelmege/Nine

During his honeymoon with his air hostess partner, he then abandoned her on the street en-route to brekkie so he could go back to their hotel room and do some push-ups.

"Stay on the path here, I'm going back to the villa to do some push ups before breakfast," he told Ashley, much to her shock.

She also had to fend him off during a romantic picnic on a beach, when she said he was too "full on" with his approach and tried to kiss her.

The 35-year-old has also been

With everything added up, fans can't help but think they smell a rat.

"Something’s off I can’t work it out yet," one wrote on Twitter, while another said "Maybe Troy's a paid actor? Why else would he be acting so bizarrely?"

Be has reached out to Nine for a comment.

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