Why MAFS' Charlene is every woman's hero

Olivia Morris

Following the oh-so lovely wife swapping discussion on Married At First Sight, it seems some of the women - specifically Charlene - were made aware of the conversation and it didn't sit well with them, as it shouldn't.

All guns blazing, Charlene proved she was every woman's hero while at the dinner party on Wednesday night's show.

She wasn't taking any prisoners and immediately called out Dean for offering up Tracey, to which of course the 'alpha male' totally denied everything.

All guns blazing, Charlene proved she was every woman's hero while at the dinner party. Source: Nine

Viewers even had the joy of Troy trying to butt in on the conversation to defend Dean. Just sit back down in your corner, Troy.

In a later conversation between Dean and Charlene, the 'douchebag' insisted he was 'all about gender equality'.

"I've said nothing that's disrespectful about women," the 39-year-old said. "Nothing."

Charlene was having none of Dean's bullsh*t. Source: Nine

Dean then went on to insist he's been a 'feminist' his whole life, but no one should forget either that he's a 'man'.

"I don't apologise for being a man at all," Dean said. "All the men, all the boys, in this experiment - we're all sexual beings."

Dean is apparently a 'feminist' but will also not apologise for 'being a man'. WHAT. Source: Nine

Contradiction right there, Dean.

Then, Charlene gave the most empowering statement on MAFS. EVER.

"When you're trading women like a commodity, especially your wife, that's when I get angry," she said in a piece to camera. "To me, that is sexist.

"To say that, to say that all the men are being disrespectful, that's just taking, you know, the cause of women and feminism backwards. That is just ignorant."


Many also praised Charlene on social media for her empowering statement.

Happy International Women's Day to all the incredible ladies out there and let us all bow down to the amazing Charlene.

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