You won't BELIEVE what Dean from MAFS used to look like

Anita Lyons

Scooby dooby Dean, where are you? (We jest, we jest!)

Married At First Sight Dean Wells was by far the most controversial groom of the season, however, a little known fact was that Dean was previously married. For real.

Quite frankly, when these gems appeared on our desk, we weren't sure we were even ready for what was to come or if we even asked for it...but the reality Gods must have been smiling on us, because there they were.

Dean Wells was one of the most controversial Grooms on Married at First Sight this season, who's

Behold the best photos you will EVER see.

The 40-year-old captioned a post featuring two pics on his Instagram account and they are glorious.

"Heres how I looked at my first wedding! Haha. Im thinking of going back to this hairstyle @winonafells @danoz13 maybe it will be 3rd time lucky?!?"

Dean poses with his sister and brother at his first wedding and just check out that hair. Source: Instagram/deanwells
Dean posing on his own during his first wedding. Source: Instagram/deanwells

The photos were taken almost 20 years ago, which would explain the EXCELLENT style of his hair and quite rightly so, fans lost their damn minds.

"Hobbit hair! All the cool kids had hobbit hair in 2001," one user commented. "Hahaha this is the best. Made my day!" another said. And we could not agree more.

To be honest, we think he's actually rocking the Shaggy vibes, but we'll let you be the judge.

Comparison: Dean and Shaggy from Scooby Do. Source: Instagram / Cartoon Network

Ruh roh, we've lost it! This is too good.

Dean, it's decided. Share more and immediately!

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