MAFS Sean D opens up about painful break-up

Those who watched Tuesday’s episode of Married At First Sight saw what can only be described as Sean D and Jo’s awkward first meeting.

Upon seeing his bride walk down the aisle, the 39-year-old pub manager glanced back from where he stood at the altar and muttered, “Oh s**t.”

Not the best start.

Things got off to a slow start for Sean and Jo. Source: Nine

For audiences, it looked as if he regretted his decision as soon as he saw the single-mum, unable to feel an instant spark.

And while the Married At First Sight experts explained that when we first see someone, "we register instantly in the brain whether we like them or not," Sean revealed another reason as to why this may have been the case.

Speaking to 9TheFIX, he revealed that his ex, whom he split with two years ago after 10 years together, was the person he thought he would spend the rest of his life with.

Jo and Sean clearly had different first impressions of each other. Source: Nine

"It was difficult breaking up," Sean said.

"It wasn’t like either of us did anything wrong. There was no cheating or anything like that. She became a fitness freak but was just crazy. We slowly drifted apart and that was it, we were done."

It wasn’t just the relationship that split however, with the pair also having to divide their precious and sentimental assets.

Sean went on MAFS to move on from his previous relationship of ten years. Source: Nine

"We had a five-acre property together, and she ran out of time for me and the animals. It was really hard because I had to take responsibility of the farm. I got all the animals. When we broke up, we had nine dogs, two alpacas, and two horses.

"It’s been really hard. I had to take up a lot more work, a lot of stress, as well as breaking up with the person who I thought I would spend the rest of my life with."

For Jo, things the whole experience ran a little more positively.

"He's got kind eyes," she said excitedly to camera at the ceremony.

Jo was thrilled with the union. Source: Nine

"He seems genuine. I fancy him. This could work. My expectations have been met and then some. To infinity and beyond... Sean D and Jo sitting in a tree."

Sean’s reaction seemed to meet a start contrast: "Um, she's probably not what I imagined, no...There's not like a massive spark straight away, but I'm sure she's feeling the same way."

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