Internet freaks after magician saws daughter in half

Allison Yee

It’s the mind-bending trick that sent the internet into meltdown, and one magician dad has sparked a frenzy of debate after posting a clip of him ‘sawing’ his daughter in half.

US magician Justin Flom shared the trick on his Facebook page The Magic Show, which shows his daughter Haven sleeping peacefully on a coffee table while he attempts his act.

“She’s still sleeping,” Justin can be heard saying as he places two Dr Seuss books through his daughter’s torso.

Magic lovers, this is set to make your mind go into overdrive. Photo: Facebook/WatchTheMagicShow
How is this even possible? Photo: Facebook/WatchTheMagicShow

In footage that’ll make your mind spin, he then slides the bottom book to the side – with his daughter’s legs sticking to it and sliding away as well.

Haven can be seen waking up, and completely unconcerned despite the huge gap between her top and bottom half.

With over 144 million views, the trick has left Facebook watchers wondering exactly how the magician did it.

Baby Haven wakes up halfway through the trick. Photo: Facebook/WatchTheMagicShow
She seems totally unfazed at missing the bottom half of her body. Photo: Facebook/WatchTheMagicShow

For those who want to know, some have speculated the thick coffee table was actually hollow, with Haven’s legs tucked into it.

“The baby’s lower half is sloped down into the table which is why the top of the table is so thick,” explains one Facebook viewer.

It’s a theory others have agreed with, after watching the clip in slow motion.

“He gives it away when the camera pans under and you can see the break where the middle of the body drops,” wrote one eagle-eyed watcher on Facebook.

“Probably couldn't do this in a show. A magician's assistant knows exactly how to move. With a baby, who knows how many takes it took to get this right? Great trick, though!”

Some critics claim the magician shouldn't be using his young daughter in tricks. Photo: Facebook/justinflomofficial

Not everyone is a fan of Justin’s trick though. Despite his disclaimer that no baby was harmed during the act, some were outraged at Haven’s involvement in the clip.

“I can't believe people are really out here cutting their babies in half just to go viral,” blasted one critic. “This is definitely child abuse.”

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