WATCH: Maid of honour raps wedding toast to 'Fergalicious'

Sabrina Rojas Weiss

There’s something about wedding rap speeches that’s simply irresistible. Maybe it’s the sight of bridesmaids in pretty dresses with perfectly coiffed hair acting as newly minted MCs and trying to act tough.

Maybe it’s the incongruity of the love story lyrics spat over beats originally meant for raunchier tales. Whatever it is, we present you with a shining example from a recent Texas wedding.

“Rapping my maid of honor speech to ‘Fergalicious’ was definitely one of the highlights of the wedding,” Madison White, 16, says of the performance of “Brittanylicious” for her sister’s wedding, posted to Twitter on Sunday night.

Madison White, maid of honour at her sister Brittany’s wedding, slayed with her wedding rap to 'Fergalicious'. Source: Mike White

White is a high school student from Forney, Texas, and a member of her school’s color guard. But she’s also the self-proclaimed “weird one” of the family, so someone might have guessed she’d do something like this.

“It started off as a dare,” Madison tells Yahoo Style. “My sister and I were talking about how I was going to give my speech, and she was like, ‘You’re the goofball of the family. You gotta do something funny.'”

It took White three days to come up with the lyrics, which begin with a rather standard, “Listen up y’all ’cause this is it, it’s the love story of my big sis,” but gets much more personal as she talks about how the newlyweds met at Target.

She shared the clip on Twitter. Source: Twitter

The Chick-fil-A sweatshirt that appears in the middle is an inside joke for the four White siblings, because Madison knew how to play to her target audience.

Why is the Black Eyed Peas singer’s 2006 homage to her own tastiness a favorite among wedding parties? Two possible reasons: 1) Fergie isn’t all that masterful as a rapper, so her talking style is easy to imitate; and 2) you can fit a lot of different names into the four syllables of “Fergalicious.”

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Still, it’s not nearly as popular for wedding toasts as “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air” (there are thousands of videos of these online now) or “Ice, Ice Baby.” Also, it’s nowhere near as embarrassing.

After receiving a standing ovation for “Brittanylicious,” Madison has some wise advice for future wedding party MCs: “Reach down deep inside and write from the heart,” she tells Yahoo Style. “And think about making people laugh and don’t bore them to death, because no one wants to be bored.”

The track Fergalicious was made famous by The Black Eyed Peas singer Fergie. Source: Getty

This was originally published on Yahoo Style.

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