Male newsreader's hilarious beauty tutorial

Allison Yee

If you’ve ever yelled at your boyfriend to stop hurrying you up before date night because you have to put your make-up on, we’ve found one man who can totally relate.

US TV host Bob Herzog has gone viral after he shared a make-up tutorial revealing how he gets his face on before anchoring Good Morning Cincinnati.

Bob has hilariously been sharing the clips since last year, but has actually developed some serious contouring skills by doing them.

Bob's got serious concealer skills - and he's not afraid to share them. Photo: Facebook/Bob-Herzog

Bob’s wise cracking commentary - including oversharing about covering up ingrown hairs – while applying a thick layer of foundation, bronzer and concealer has seen him become a viral sensation.

“Boom, hit it,” he says while dusting bronzer on.

“Hit the cheekbones hard. You’re like, ‘Man that is a lot of stuff on your cheekbones, pal.’ It is.”

From ingrown hair to excessive sweating, no topic is off limits in Bob's hilarious clips. Photo: Facebook/Bob-Herzog

The 43-year-old isn't afraid to get heavy-handed with the product either, claiming “as everyone in this room can attest, I sweat like there’s something glandularly wrong with me”.

And forget the chilled out make-up tutorials you've seen in the past.

Watching Bob count down the minutes to air time as he frantically makes up his face is the best demonstration on how to get ready on a tiny timeframe if we've ever seen one.

The kooky host is known for his sense of humour. Photo: Facebook/Bob-Herzog

“Violently blend like you’re ashamed of your face,” he orders.

“You hate it and now you love it. Look at it, the cheekbones, my goodness. Like a boss.”

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