MKR's Anna and Jordan show the West is up with the best

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It’s the mama and son duo cooking tonight in Perth, WA. Jordan and Anna aka Ms Malta runner-up whip up a brekkie of champions to kick off the day just to prove that they love food… like, really love food, and a lot of food at that.

They mention generous food portions and wanting all guests to have food babies - nothing like a bit of gastronomic conception to really light that fire in the belly.

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Anna has been married to her husband Joe for 33 years. She has four sons who she claims she loves equally.

That moment your mum walks into your messy bedroom. Source: Seven Network

She obviously joined MKR to prove this because nothing shouts equal love more than picking one son to participate with you in a competition. Jordan clearly won the Maltese Hunger Games in the household that day.

Such a mamma's boy. Source: Seven Network

Jordan describes his mama as his “secret weapon” because he’s going to put her in a cannon to annihilate everyone at the table. In fact, mama is so effective as a secret weapon she tries to annihilate Jordan himself in the car on the way to get the veggies.

Mama Knows Best is the name of their restaurant just in case anyone is confused about whether or not they’re mother and son or pulling a Cheryl.

They’re making their own sausages tonight as part of the entree, so for the prep Jordan goes ham on the machine.

He slips the sausage casing on over the tube effortlessly (like he’s never done that before) and easily pumps out enough snags to feed the whole of Australia and New Zealand. Mama Malta and Jordan squabble over the octopus. Jordan has now been demoted to Mama’s 3rd favourite son.

The guests arrive, and lo and behold Zana wants Anna and Jordan to do well so she has someone to compete with. Heard it all before, Zana, you’re a broken record. Mon pulls a fed up face in Zana’s direction. Gianni pulls a ‘help me’ face to us all #SaveGianni.

Entree is served and Pete sticks his schnozz right into it, hoping to smell sweet, sweet paleo goodness. Manu congratulates Jordan on his homemade sausages, crispy potatoes and tender octopus. But there’s not enough salsa verde, nor was he a fan of the way Jordon cut the snags.

Pete says he liked the dish but it wasn’t perfect ‘cos it wasn’t paleo. And because in her head Zana is honorary third judge, she critiques the dry sausage and dry octopus. Nobody at the table cares, ever.


The rabbit pappardelle is putting stress on mama because cooking the pasta is the equivalent of participating in a beauty pageant. It’s so very dear to her heart because once you assign a relative to your dish it amplifies its importance.

Anna in tears again - this just means so much to her. Source: Seven Network

Here’s an idea, don’t associate relatives with your dishes; it will only end in with you lying in the foetal position and rocking backwards and forwards on the kitchen floor.

Luckily for Anna, she kills it. Both judges can gush only compliments. Mama Malta cries like she did when she came second in the beauty pageant. Everyone is impressed, even Zana. This is a first.

That moment when Manu TRIES to pretend he's unhappy. Source: Seven Network

For dessert, Jordan screws up the ice-cream (der, it’s MKR 2016) as he was an absolute bozo and left the lid off the ice-cream maker. Mama Malta tries to be a good mamma and asks if he needs help. He shuts her down and breaks her heart.

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Mama Malta now has to reconsider her favourite son. They serve dessert anyway. Jordan admits his mistake about the lid but Manu and Pete still praise the dish. Mama Malta cries again. Jordan still wants to be the favourite son so he says he is so proud of mama.

All smiles! Source: Seven Network

The teams and judges give high scores, which means Anna and Jordan have knocked The Whizz Kids off their perch, with a total of 94. Bring it on, Zan.