Man busts best friend trying to cheat with his girlfriend

Sarah Carty

A man went to extreme lengths to try to prove his best friend wanted to sleep with his girlfriend – and he succeeded.

Jeremy went on the YouTube show To Catch a Cheater in a effort to catch out his best mate, Ray.

“I feel like if he’s left alone with he he’s gonna try to f*** her,” Jeremy says, claiming his friend can’t stop looking at his girlfriend’s a**.

A guy put his best friend to the test by setting him up in a fake scenario with his girlfriend. Photo: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater

They then went about putting a scenario into place, totally setting Ray up by asking the girlfriend to go meet him at McDonald’s

While he was there, eating his lunch, Jeremy’s girlfriend approached him.

She then lied to Jeremy’s best friend, saying that her and Jeremy have actually called time on their relationship and she’s moving out.

Ray was sympathetic as the girlfriend then went on to claim that she looked through Jeremy’s phone and saw that he had been texting other women behind her back.

She then asked Ray if he wants to help her move some of her stuff and later over text asks him to come over.

Once he’s in her house, she started to test him out, by placing her hand on his leg and he reciprocates.

The girlfriend asked the best friend over to her house to ask him to help her move. Photo: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater
However, Jeremy was there watching the whole thing from behind the scenes. Photo: YouTube/To Catch a Cheater

He then pretended to tell he “a secret” and leaned in for a kiss and that’s when Jeremy came storming into the room saying ‘what’s happening here dude’?

“I came over to help her move,” Ray tried to explain, before Jeremy interjected saying ‘I knew you would do this’.

“You’re a weasel coming over here,” he continued.

“Just find another girl, why did it have to be mine?”

It ended with Jeremy kicking Ray out of the house before hugging it out with his girlfriend.

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