Man hides ring in bath bomb

Sarah Carty

We’ve seen some pretty incredible proposals in our time.

From the guy who roped in a dolphin to help him ask the big question in the water, to the man who interrupted a bird show at Taronga Zoo to propose to a zookeeper, they all brought a tear to our eyes.

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However, if you’re beauty-obsessed like we are, there’s nothing more romantic that this guy, who drew a bath for his lady love and hid a ring in a blue bath bomb.

A Twitter user was given a bath bomb by her boyfriend. Here she is pictured in the bath. Photo: Twitter.

Twitter user @kassidyrun1 took to her social media account to share the incredible moment she discovered there was something hidden inside the beauty product.

And although it wasn’t actually an engagement ring, just a promise ring, it doesn’t make the moment any less special.

“Sooooooo this happened yesterday...shook,” she captioned the post on Twitter, alongside four photos of what went down.

When the bath bomb dissolved, a piece of plastic floated to the surface. Photo: Twitter.
The Twitter user, who goes by the name @kassidyrun1, took a close-up photo of the plastic and a ring could be seen inside. Photo: Twitter.

The photos were screenshots taken from her Snapchat account, where she documented the whole thing.

First she posted a picture of the bright, blue bath bomb in it’s tinfoil packaging, alongside the caption: “My boo got me this yummy bath bomb.”

The next picture shows a tiny piece of floating plastic that appeared on the surface of the water when the bath bomb dissolved.

In the third pic, she shows a close up of the plastic, and a ring can be seen within.

The massive sparkler could be seen clearly in the final picture. Photo: Twitter.

The last picture clearly shows the ginormous sparkler in all its glory.

Since posting the images online, they’ve already been retweeted 30,000 times and liked over 49,000 times.

Check out some of the reactions on Twitter below:

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