Can you spot the naked man in this picture?

Sarah Carty

A man has been left red-faced after accidentally posting a completely naked selfie to a real estate’s website.

The picture was uploaded to’s website which aimed to show off the four-bedroom, there-bathroom home in Singapore.

However, anybody who clicked on the snaps for the house would have gotten quite a shock as they would have seen the man’s risqué snap from the bedroom.

According to The Sun, the man had spent the day cleaning his home in order to make it look spick and span for the pictures.

Can you spot the naked man in this video? Photo: Australscope

As we all know, scrubbing houses isn’t exactly an easy job and the man decided to remove all his clothes when he was done to try and cool down.

He then went from room to room snapping the space, however when he got to the bedroom, he failed to remember that there was actually a mirror in the corner.

Needless to say, the man was oblivious to his mistake and the picture remained up on the website until his friend got in contact to inform him of the embarrassing faux pas.

The real estate website immediately pulled the image down when they were alerted to it.

It now says that the property is no longer available on the agent’s website.

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