Man's hilarious holiday snap goes viral

Sarah Carty

A tourist’s photo has gone viral all around the world for the most hilarious reason.

The photo sees the beachgoer lying on the sand at the beach with a stunning landscape in the background.

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However, if you look close enough, you’ll see that the hilly mountains behind him are actually the exact same shape as his body.

This man's holiday snap has the internet in stitches. Photo: Reddit

“It’s as if it was meant to be,” the man captioned the snap.

The picture has already received over 500 comments from people who can’t believe how well the man’s body fits in with the landscape.

From reading through the comments, it looks like the man may be lying in front of the Island Of The Pregnant Maiden in Langkawi, Malaysia.

It comes after the internet freaked out last week when an image of a woman on holiday appeared online.

It comes after this woman's holiday snap went viral last week. Photo: Facebook

The snap, which was uploaded to Facebook by The Archbishop of Banterbury, shows a tanned young couple standing outside.

And while everything might look perfectly normal at first glance, if you give it a closer look, you’ll see that the woman seems to be holding on to a massive tree.

It turns out that the woman is actually holding her bag, which just so happens to be the exact same colour as the bark of the tree.

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