Man refuses to propose until girlfriend loses weight

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A woman has taken to Reddit looking for advice after her boyfriend presented her with an awful ultimatum.

In a now deleted post, the 25-year-old asked, “Am I wrong to be offended he’s using getting fit as a condition if proposing?”

She explained that she has been with her boyfriend for five years and they now share a home together. So in preparation for the future, she brought up ‘The Talk’ with her other half.

This proposal would come with an ultimatum. Photo: Getty

Yet when she initiated a conversation on marriage and children, her boyfriend showed his true colours.

“He replied that while yes, he wants both those things with me, he doesn’t see himself proposing until I’ve become more fit,” she wrote.

Erm, excuse me?

“My weight is something I’ve struggled with over the years since I was pretty much a teenager. I’m now at more of a ‘normal’ weight, although a bit bigger than when we first started dating,” she continued.

She was told to lose weight if she wants a future with him. Photo: Getty

And within a matter of minutes, women from far and wide had her back (422 to be precise).

One took to Reddit to write: “Get fit because it’s healthy. Get fit if it makes you feel better. Get fit if you want to get fit. Don’t get fit because your SO is making it a condition of marriage.”

While another got straight to the point, “Work on your fitness so you can run away from him…”

Let’s hope she took the advice on board.

Unfortunately, this woman’s story eerily echoes the experience of 23-year-old Chloe Cooper whose boyfriend proposed with a ring that was deliberately too small.

According to Chloe, he told her that she could “wear it when you lose weight.” Unsurprisingly, she didn’t say yes.

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