Man regains hearing after mass of ear wax removed from ear

A man was finally able to hear again after the removal of a huge amount of ear wax that just wouldn't budge. This satisfying video shows the moment that ear specialist, Neel Raithatha removes the collection of wax and matted hair from the patient's ear at his surgery in Oadby, Leicestershire. The procedure was performed endoscopically which is a technique that Neel has developed and pioneered in the UK himself, after the patient had been unable to hear as a result of the build-up. Neel said: "The ear wax was dry, matted with hair, impacted and adhered to the ear canal walls. "The patient was unable to hear as a result and found the ear wax to be painful. "I had to use an Ear Hook to separate the ear wax from the ear canal walls and then to literally tug it out of the ear." It takes Neel around two minutes to clear the ear canal but he recommends getting professional help when it cleaning your ears.