Man’s huge earwax removal is the stuff of nightmares

Allison Yee

If you’re one of those people that actually enjoys cleaning their ears, this video is for you.

Showing the moment ear specialist Neel Raithatha pulls out a huge clump of wax (and hair!) from a patient's ear, the clip sees a deep dive into the man’s ear canal.

With the patient losing hearing as a result of the build-up, Neel was forced to perform the procedure endoscopically, a technique he pioneered at his UK surgery.

Forget pimple popping videos, this ear wax removal clip is next level. Photo: Caters

“The ear wax was dry, matted with hair, impacted and adhered to the ear canal walls,” he says.

“The patient was unable to hear as a result and found the ear wax to be painful.

“I had to use an Ear Hook to separate the ear wax from the ear canal walls and then to literally tug it out of the ear.”

Ear specialist Neel reveals the patient had lost hearing in their ear due to the blockage. Photo: Getty

The whole procedure lasts about two minutes, but Neel has warned about attempting to do this at home with your own implements such as cotton buds, and instead recommends you visit a professional.

“Cotton buds only serve to push the earwax deeper into the ear canal,” he says.

Wax balls don't get much bigger than this... Photo: Caters

“They too can graze the ear canal walls and in the worst case scenario perforate the eardrum.”

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