Man shamed for throwing flight meal in the middle of the aisle

Sarah Carty

A man has been relentlessly shamed online for leaving his meal tray in the middle of a plane aisle.

In what is perhaps one of the dirtiest things we’ve seen a plane passenger do, it appears the man ate whatever he wanted from the tray and simply threw it on the ground so it wouldn’t clog up his space.

The picture, which was posted to Reddit, shows the man looking perfectly happy while reading a book, with his tray strewn all over the floor.

This man has been shamed online for appearing to throw his meal tray in a flight. Photo: Reddit

“Man dumps his food into the aisle after he ate what he wants,” the Reddit post was captioned.

People immediately flocked to the page to vocalise their disgust about the man’s actions.

“How could he possibly get away with doing that..?,” one person said.

“This is where the other passengers need to speak up to this dirtbag and let him know just how in the wrong he is,” another commenter said.

Some people were wondering if he was the worst plane passenger ever. Photo: Getty Images

“I've been flying since there were ashtrays on each armrest - I've seen some s***. This has actually shocked me,” a disgusted commenter quipped.

However, a flight attendant chimed in on the chat, claiming it actually “happens all the time”.

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