Man shockingly seen driving with baby on steering wheel

Allison Yee

We’ve seen a spate of warnings from worried parents who have seen their children injured by car seat accessories, or have certain seats stop their baby from breathing.

However in a disturbing video that’s gone viral, one man has decided to do away with a car seat completely, posting a video to Instagram of a tot hanging onto the steering wheel while he’s driving.

The child can be seen with its legs through the steering wheel, holding on as the driver answers his phone and continues driving.

Not only is the baby seen on the wheel, the driver also pulls out his phone. Photo: Instagram/balleralert

He even turns the wheel and spins the child completely upside down during the short clip.

With nearly 750,000 views in just a few days, most commenters were understandably outraged at the stunt.

“How the hell is this funny??” wrote one. “If his dumb ass have an accident then wtf are you idiots going to say?”

“Where is child services, this ain’t funny,” another commented.

“Why post foolishness like this on social media,” wrote a concerned viewer. “Don’t you know this is the kind of behavior that can get your kid taken away from you - start thinking before posting.”

At one point, the baby is turned completely upside down with nothing holding them in. Photo: Instagram/balleralert

Meanwhile, others shockingly defended the man’s behaviour.

“I know it's a baby not in a car seat but, I'm also looking at the fact that he's not speeding and he's hopefully just going to the corner and back or just around the block,” wrote one. “I know I've taken AAAAALLLL off my children in my lap as babies around my freaking block.”

“My father used to do this,” added another. “The crazy things you got away with before the late 80s-90s lawsuits started.”

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