Man's epic airport sing-song goes viral

Sarah Carty

There’s nothing worse than sitting at an airport gate waiting for your row to be called out so you can finally board the plane and conk out.

But one guy decided to make his own entertainment, by grabbing the air hostess’ loudspeaker and breaking out into song.

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The whole thing was caught on camera with the man starting a sing-song in the terminal at Louis Armstrong International Airport in New Orleans.

This man started an impromptu sing-song at Louis Armstrong Airport in New Orleans. Photo: Facebook
His rendition of

Before long the whole congregation of plane passengers were singing “No Diggity” by Blackstreet as the man animatedly danced along.

According to Mike Vadala, the crew has joked that anybody who was boarding the flight and wanted to ask a question would have to sing before they got an answer.

The man made his own entertainment while waiting to board the plane. Photo: Facebook

Clearly meaning it as a joke, the airline workers would have been totally caught off guard when the man took to the microphone and started showing off his best vocals.

In the video, the air hostesses can be seen laughing and dancing along with the man, who got a massive cheer from everybody in the end.

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