Man wears 38kg of rubbish

Aletha Wilkinson

Dressed in a specially-constructed suit made out of heavy-duty clear plastic bags, Rob Greenfield managed to wear every single piece of rubbish he generated by living a normal consumer's life – for an entire month.

For 30 days, every time the sustainability activist finished with some packaging from his food, toiletries or anything else, he added it to his trash suit.

Rob Greenfield made it his mission to wear all his rubbish for 30 days. Source: Facebook/Rob Greenfield

"People have been calling me 'The Trash Man', or 'The Trash Monster', 'Trashformer', or 'Trashtronaut'," Rob said.

By the end of the month, Rob's suit weighed a staggering 38kg. And that's still 1/3 less than the typical American consumer's monthly rubbish output!

"Day after day the trash just kept piling on and my burden became a little heavier and a little bulkier," Rob wrote on his Facebook page.

"I’m truly shocked at how much every little bit added up. I can’t help but imagine what one year, one decade, or even one lifetime of this lifestyle would amount to."

By the end of the month he could barely fit down a supermarket aisle. Source: YouTube

Interestingly, Rob hasn't always been so Earth-conscious – five years ago, he was working in advertising sales.

"I lived in a three-bedroom apartment, had a nice car that I shined every Sunday. I was very materialistic," he told the Huffington Post.

"Then I started reading up on these issues, watching Netflix documentaries. I started making little changes ― and here I am."

Forget the fancy car. A scooter will do! Source: YouTube

Now, Rob hopes his project will inspire others to consider their own contribution to the world's rubbish dumps.

"Each of us has the power to create a small mountain of trash in our lifetime or leave our environment better than we found it," he wrote.

"To choose the latter means starting with one small change, and then taking another, and then another. By building upon these small changes and continuing forward, each of us have the power to transform our lives, our communities, and the Earth as a whole into a place that is sustainable and just for all humans and creatures."

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