WATCH: Man's incredible car hack goes viral

Kristine Tarbert

When this guy got sick of the annoying door chime his car made while the key was in the ignition he decided to do something about it.

Although this nifty little hack is so good, chance are you'd struggle to even want to close the door.

Texas local Chris made the video and shared it on the 8 Bit Universe Youtube page.

This old Volvo has a very annoying door chime. Photo: Youtube
Until Chris decided to change it. Photo: Facebook

In it you can see how when his car door is left open there is a warning chime that could definitely get on your nerves.

So instead, he switched out the sound panel, hidden within the wiring underneath the steering wheel, for one of his own creation.

And now when the car door is open instead of the chime, an 8 Bit Universe version of Toto's 'Africa' blares from the sound box.

A much better choice. Photo: Youtube

"I now have the only Volvo 240 in the world that plays Toto’s Africa as the open door chime," the video was titled.

And people are in love with the idea.

"This is the reason humanity still exists, because of genius pioneers like yourself ," one person commented on the video.

"This wouldn't be good for me; I would only drive with an open door ," another quipped.

"I want that in my car now," said another.

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