Marco Pierre White on Matt Preston feud

Rebekah Scanlan

Marco Pierre White fell out with fellow celebrity chef Matt Preson last year when he suggested his son had gone off the rails.

But it seems the British chef hasn't forgiven the Masterchef host over his comments, in which he accused Marco Pierre White Jnr of using drugs, and was visibly still angry over the incident when asked about it on Sunday Night.

When talking with journalist Melissa Doyle, the atmosphere turned sticky when she asked if Matt Preston had "crossed the line by talking about your children?”

Marco Pierre White seems to still be annoyed by his feud with Matt Preston. Source: Getty
He spoke about it with Melissa Doyle on channel Seven's Sunday Night. Source: Seven

"You know the answer to that,” he replied.

However, the fiery chef didn't want to divulge any more details about their long-running fight.

Matt Preston upset the chef when he commented on his son. Source: Media Mode
Melissa brought up his public spat with chef Matt Preston however got shut down by Marco. Source: Seven

“I don’t have to get involved," he said. "Don’t ask me a question I’m not going to answer and don’t try and draw me into something I won’t be drawn into.”

The uncomfortable interview comes after Matt Preston made comments about Marco Pierre White's controversial son Marco Pierre White Junior who caused a stir for his antics on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK.

Matt Preston said: You know the answer to that. I don't have to get involved,' Marco bluntly replied. Source: Seven

Marco's son shocked even more when he spoke out about his drug and alcohol abuse last May, saying he'd buy prostitutes with his father's money and admitting to having spent over AU$500,000 on drugs.

The 22-year-old found himself in a UK court last year for fraudulently racking up £2,500 on his ex-girlfriend's bank card after buying Apple store goods and sunglasses. Source: Channel 10

Matt Preston appeared on the Kyle & Jackie O Show last year after Marco Pierre White Jr's shocking confession, and suggested his colleague's son was off the rails.

"Anyone who's got tattoos on their face normally behave badly, don't they?" he said at the time.

Matt has said that Marco has reached out to 'clear the air.' Source: Channel 10

When Kyle and Jackie asked if he was shocked by Marco's son's behaviour he replied with, "That's that whole rich, London trust fund babe, trustifarian-type stuff - it's another world."

It seems like there's still a lot of heat in the kitchen, and these two chef's are cleary not putting the fire out anytime soon.

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