WATCH: Mariah blindsided by Vegas shooting question

Emma Shepherd

Mariah Carey was left blindsided during a satellite appearance on UK morning show Good Morning Britain, when asked a question about the Las Vegas mass shooting that killed at least 50 people and wounded more than 500 people on Sunday night.

Host Piers Morgan, 52, asked the singer about the worst mass shooting in the US, however Mariah’s reaction was awkward and uncomfortable to watch as the singer had no idea what unfolded in Las Vegas.

Piers broke the news to viewers while questioning Mariah on what she thought about the Vegas shooting which fans believed was in bad taste. Source: ITV

The mother-of-two was there to chat about her Christmas tour however while the interview was in full swing news broke of the shootings in Nevada.

Mariah was seen in her home in Beverly Hills sprawled on her chaise lounge in a burgundy gown with a Christmas tree behind her.

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Piers asked the singer what she thought about the shootings that have just taken place.

"I pray for the victims and hope all these can stop as soon as possible," she said, visibly stunned.

Mariah was there to discuss her Christmas tour, and was completely unaware of what had unfolded in Vegas. Source: ITV

"You know, I have spent a lot of time in Vegas and this type of thing anywhere happening anywhere is a huge tragedy."

She continued, "It’s terrible because people just going out to listen to music, really they’re out for the night and something like this happens, it’s shocking".

The interview swiftly changed course after Piers realised they needed more information on what was unfolding in Las Vegas. Source: ITV

Piers and co-host Susanna Reid then agreed to “take a break" from the interview with Mariah nodding in agreement while they gather more information on the shooting.

Fans took to Twitter to share their anger towards the breakfast show breaking the news to Mariah and catching her off-guard.

One fan said: "Finding #gmb in bad taste this morning, breaking Vegas news to Mariah Carey looking for some sort of scoop or reaction".

Another said:

"Poor jounalism" another fan wrote.

One said, "Mariah was on to discuss her Christmas tour not the Las Vegas shooting".

Mariah has since come out with a statement on Twitter.

Piers informed people on Twitter that they told Mariah's team before the interview and that she was aware they were going to ask her about the shooting.

On Sunday night Stephen Craig Paddock left the world and his family in shock after the 64-year-old sowed terror on the Vegas strip, killing dozens and injuring a further 527 people at a country music festival.

Concertgoers never stood a chance when Paddock perched himself out the window of the 32nd floor inside the Mandalay Bay Hotel with at least ten high powered weapons at his disposal.

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