Mark Wahlberg takes his clothes off... and makes our day

Emma Shepherd

Actor Mark Wahlberg has always been one to keep fit and stay in shape.

But now he's taken things to the next level sharing to his Instagram a shirtless video off himself showing off his bulging biceps and ripped abs and it's seriously next level.

The 46-year-old shared his tips and tricks to staying in shape while promoting nutrition brand PI's new cookie range.

Actor Mark Wahlberg shows off his ripped abs and bulging biceps in social media video. Source: Instagram

The Ted actor said, "It's December 11, and we are about to taste PI cookies, they'll be available next year."

He then showed off his intense boxing moves with his trainer Bo Cleary.

The father-of-four was promoting nutrition brand PI. Source: Instagram

It comes after the actor told Men's Health that he had to maintain a low body fat count for his upcoming film Mile 22.

"I’ve been fat in all of Peter’s movies,” says Wahlberg. “For this one I’m going to be down to 6 percent body fat.”

The video showed off his tight rig and six-pack abs. Source: Instagram

Peter Berg is film directer of new action-packed film Mile 22.

He's then seen boxing with his trainer Bo Cleary. Source: Instagram

He continued, "I'm doing [the Versaclimber, a machine similar to a stairclimber] twice a day and jumping rope."

The film is based around a CIA field officer and an Indonesian police officer who are forced to work together as they confront violent and extreme political corruption.

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