Shoppers slam overpriced 'cauliflower steaks'

Kristine Tarbert

Irritated shoppers have called out Marks and Spencer stores for selling sliced cauliflower wrapped in plastic – dubbed ‘cauliflower steak’.

The product is part of the store’s Veggie range but a very unimpressed Twitter user spotted the essentially sliced cauliflower being sold on special for £2 (that’s $3.50) and was completely miffed by the whole offering.

“Marks and Spencer stores are selling sliced cauliflower as ‘Cauliflower Steak’ with lots of lovely plastic and charging £2 - A cauliflower costs about 69p from a local veg shop,” Rachel Clarke wrote on Twitter sharing photos of the packed veggie.

Would you pay almost $4 for sliced cauliflower? Photo: Twitter

And when one user asked her to explain what a cauliflower steak might be she responded: "Take cauliflower. Take knife. Chop Cauliflower. Wrap in lots of plastic and mark up the price. The end."

Would you pay extra for someone else to simply slice your regular cauliflower and add a small sachet of lemon and herb drizzle – oh and don’t forget it’s called ‘steak’?

“We have launched a ready-to-cook Cauliflower Steak with a herb dressing as part of our new Veggie range. This is for customers looking for a quick and convenient vegetarian meal option,” the store said in a statement to the

The 'steak' was on sale for $3.50. Photo: Twitter

And when it comes to wrapping the whole thing in plastic, it said it was “widely recyclable”.

“We continue to look at ways to optimise our food packaging and ensure it can be widely recycled.”

Late last year local supermarket chains Coles and Woolworths came under fire for the way they package the fruit and vegetables.

Greens member Jeremy Buckingham posted an image to his Facebook page showing vegetables packaged in plastic at the supermarkets.

“Who is else is sick of walking into supermarkets and seeing all the fruit and vegetables wrapped in plastic?” he wrote alongside the image.

Last year Coles and Woolworths were called out for their plastic packaging. Photo: Facebook/Jeremy Buckingham

“C'mon Coles & Woolworths - lift your game!”

Aldi and IGA were also called out at the time for using the same practice

In June someone shared this image of wrapped sweet potatoes. Photo: Facebook

And back in June, people were furious with Woolworths after they started to package the sweet potato in stores.

"Sweet potatoes can go from your shelf to my trolley to my kitchen without ever needing to touch a plastic bag, let alone a plastic tray as well!!!," a Facebook post read at the time.

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