Two MAFS couples are 'pregnant'

Emma Shepherd

Just as we thought Married At First Sight couldn’t get any juicier, it's been reported that two of the show's couples are expecting.

New Idea magazine printed photos of cast member Sharon Marsh shopping for baby products in Perth. “Sharon was absolutely glowing.” an onlooker told the publication. “She kept picking up tiny baby romper suits and cooing over them.”

Sharon and Nick. Source: Nine Network.

Though Sharon and her "husband" Nick Furphy have only been together for only a matter of months, the 31-year-old was beaming as she carried a baby bouncer to her car.

Andrew ‘Jonesy’ Jones, who knew Sharon before they started filming the show, told New Idea, “Sharon is so clucky, she thought she would have kids by the time she was 30.”

The happy news was a stark contrast to the tensions that surfaced in Sunday night’s episode in which Sharon shared her insecurities about her "groom’s" party boy past, as the 29-year-old enjoyed his red wine at the final dinner.

On last nights episode of 'MAFS.' Source: Nine Network

It didn’t take long for Sharon to snap at her MAFS "husband" after he dared to mention his heavy drinking alter-ego 'Naughty Nick'.

She said to camera, "My biggest concern is I don't know that he'll do the right thing outside of here."

In other baby news, couple Nadia and Anthony are also gearing up to make an official pregnancy announcement, according to NW magazine.

Nadia and Anthony on their wedding day. Source: Nine Network

An on-set source revealed that the couple are “beyond excited.” Nadia also told the publication, “I’m looking for love, I feel like I’m now ready for kids.”

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Anthony appears to be on the same page when it comes to parenthood, telling NW, “I would like to get to that next step of my life.”

It looks like the MAFS reunion could be a lot crazier than we first thought. Bring on the drama...oh, and the nappies!

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