From latex to tulle: Cheryl's MAFS transformation

Bianca Soldani

Fans of Married at First Sight will know second-chance bride Cheryl Maitland as a fierce brunette.

But before she donned her white princess dress said “I do” to a stranger on national TV, the 25-year-old was a blonde bombshell!

Snaps of Cheryl from 2012 show she used to be a blonde! Photo: Instagram
We know her from TV as a stunning brunette. Photo: Instagram
The 25-year-old went to the US in 2012 to attend a couple of Playboy parties. Photo: Instagram

The hair salon manager is barely recognisable in unearthed social media photos from her early 20s, when she and a few friends jetted over to the US to attend a party at the Playboy mansion.

In one of the images, Cheryl rocks a grunge look with a more-is-more hair and makeup style and a black latex corset, while in another her hair is teased to the heavens as she poses in pink lingerie.

Here Cheryl is just about to head off to a lingerie party. Photo: Twitter
She knows how to work her angles for the camera. Photo: Instagram
This grungy look meant lots of eyeliner. Photo: Instagram
The reality star (left) travelled to Vegas as a 20-year-old. Photo: Instagram

Back in Australia, the beauty has experimented with all sorts of hair extensions and highlights over the years – I mean, it’s practically a requirement of her job title! - before settling on the smooth and straight, ash-brown one she sports now.

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One thing's for sure, her new partner Andrew Jones (whom she began dating after dumping "husband" Jonathan) seems very impressed with her current beauty look!

As a brunette, the reality star has tried a curl look. Photo: Instagram
Photo: Instagram
As a salon manager, it's practically her job to try new hairstyles. Photo: Instagram

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