MAFS Michael's sleazy scandal

Aletha Wilkinson

Nude photos of Married At First Sight contestant Michael have emerged, setting off a firestorm of controversy online.

The male stripper has been a divisive character from the very first moment he came to the public's attention via a promo for the series.

Michael's nude pic has the Internet in a spin. Photo: Facebook

Now, the "pickiest man in Australia", who refuses to date any woman who weighs more than 60kg, has been hit right back by some harsh scrutiny of his own.

While Michael has been open about his stripping business, it's only now that pictures have emerged online, with horrified women on secret Facebook group "Bad Girls Advice" giving the reality star a taste of his own medicine.

On show! Source: Facebook
Michael himself posted this shot on his professional Facebook page. Source: Facebook

"That picky b*stard has no right with that monstrosity in his pants!" one commenter wrote.

"I have two questions," wrote another. "Can he tie them in a knot can he tie them in a bow?"

"Small ears, good teeth, physically active and likes to keep fit, is motivated, eats healthy," Michael said in a MAFS promo. "I want a girl that’s shorter than me if she has heels on. Under 60kg…

Michael keeps his clothes on for TV. Source: Nine.

"I don’t want a girl with the pretentious fake look, I hate that. Natural beauty is perfect, that’s exactly what I want. Someone who can wake up in the morning and you don’t have to worry about make-up and all that kind of stuff, that doesn’t interest me at all."

Looks like it's your move, then, Michael.

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