Outdated wedding rules you can scrap from your big day

Sarah Carty

Weddings are all about the couple getting married and having fun and for a lot of people, keeping traditions alive.

However a piece on MarthaStewartWeddings.com has revealed that not only are there certain etiquette rules that don’t need to be followed anymore but you can scrap them from your big day completely.

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Whether it’s the bridesmaids wearing black on the day or the father-of-the-bride walking his daughter down the aisle – the outdated tips are going out the window.

These are the traditional wedding rules you don't need to follow anymore. Photo: Getty Images

The website listed traditional wedding etiquette rules which they claim are now non-applicable to anyone hoping to get married. Here are five:

The bride and groom can see each other

Old wives tales used to claim that it was bad look if the bride and groom locked eyes before their big day, however that’s not the case anymore.

The website claims that it actually could alleviate anxiety if the bride and groom were to see each other before they walk down the aisle.

Anyone can walk the bride down the aisle. Photo: Getty Images
The bridal party can wear black. Photo: Getty Images

The groom’s parents can pay for the whole thing

In the past, it was always assumed that the bride’s side of the family would pay for the whole thing, but that’s not the case anymore.

"Many couples are paying for their own wedding, sometimes both parents and their children are contributing, or just the groom's parents," Jung Lee, co-founder and wedding designer at Fête, told the publication.

You don’t have to do a meet-and-greet

Usually a bride and groom stand at the entrance to their ceremony and shake hands with everybody as they walk out, however a wedding expert claims there’s really no need for that.

Lee said that most people prefer to have less informal greetings now at their weddings, maybe going over to their guest’s tables or meeting them at the reception.

Also in the list of rules which don’t need to be followed anymore are that the bridesmaids can wear black, anyone can walk the bride down the aisle, the bride can wear white to another wedding and it doesn’t have to take place in a church.

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