Can you solve the riddle baffling the internet?

Sarah Carty

Another mind-boggling riddle is sweeping the internet and everyone is scratching their heads over it.

The math question was posted to Mumsnet by somebody called ‘PeerieBreeks’ who claimed they couldn’t understand how people could get it wrong.

“Without adding your reasoning, tell me what you think the answer is,” they captioned a picture of the riddle.

A mind-boggling math quiz is sweeping the web. Photo: A Beautiful Mind

The question goes like this: “A man buys a horse for $60. He sells the horse for $70.

“He then buys the horse back for $80. And he sells the horse again for $90.

“In the end, how much money did the man make or lose?

“Or did he even break even?”

People flooded the comments section with a host of different answers, with some even calling it ‘easy peasy’.

“The first transaction he made $10, then he was down $10 when he bought back at a loss, then he sold again for $10 profit which wiped out the $10 loss so all in all he broke even in my book,” one person guessed.

Can you solve it? Photo: PeerieBreeks/Mumsnet

“I came out at he broke even...,” another person commented.

“The way I'm looking at it is how much money did he make from his initial investment in this one horse? I still think that is only $10,” a person said.

The actual answer is that the man made a profit of $20 after selling his horses.

“He made $20. $10 profit on each transaction. It you look at each transaction separately it makes more sense.,” a person commented.

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