Matty 'crossed paths' with Laura before

Amy Stevenson

Amid the rumours she's won Matty J's heart, the Bachelor has finally confirmed that he and Laura Bryne "crossed paths" before the reality show.

As fans prepare for the 30-year-old to make his final decision on his love life in Thursday night's finale, Matty has confessed he and Laura had a brief encounter prior to The Bachelor.

Matty has confirmed he knew Laura before The Bachelor. Source: Instagram

"We crossed paths. She said something to my friend at the sauna at Icebergs," he told OK! magazine.

Rumours have swirled since the start of the series that the pair knew each other before appearing on the reality show, with sources suggesting to Woman's Day the couple even made a "secret pact" that Laura would make it to the finals of the show!

"They were all too familiar from night one," an insider added to NW. "No-one was buying that Laura and Matty met for the first time at the mansion. They were all too familiar from night one."

Meanwhile Woman's Day added Matty and Laura began dating just as the Bachelorette reject had found out he’d been chosen as the new bachelor.

Rumours swirled that the pair were dating before the show. Source: Instagram
Has Laura won Matty's heart? Source: Channel 10

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But instead of breaking things off, they decided to make an arrangement that would see Matty take Laura to the finals and allow the couple to reap the benefits of fame in the process.

“Matty couldn’t pull out [of The Bachelor] because he was under contract and it stated that he wasn’t allowed to date in the lead up to the show but agreed it would be good for their future if they went along with it," a source told the mag.

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