Matty J's secret girlfriend

Emma Shepherd

Matty J may be on the path to finding true love, but reports say he’s hiding a big secret.

His former flame Sara Bray dated the bachelor back in 2011 when they met before moving to London together, however parted ways in 2013.

The pair met back in 2011, moved to London and ended their relationship in 2013. Source: Instagram
Matty has remained tight lipped about his ex Sara Bray. Source: Diimex

Now an insider has revealed to New Idea that Matty J has been keeping it on the down low that his old flame is engaged to someone else.

New Idea reports that Sara is now engaged to her new fiancé Alex Lloyd who she met in 2014.

Sara met her fiance Alex Lloyed in 2014. Source: Instagram

And although she’s moved on and Matty is happy for her, he may be feeling a little upset that he’s still struggled to find love since their split and her love life has taken a different course.

“He and Sara were really close and in love, but things just didn’t work out, and while he’s happy for her and that she’s getting married, I’m sure it’d break his heart that he’s struggled to find love since they broke up,” an insider confessed.

It’s been said that the 30-year-old has also remained tight lipped about the engagement news to his Bachelorettes.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if he hasn’t told the Bachelorettes about Sara, he tends to stay quiet about the whole relationship,” the source revealed.

However although their paths may be different the both of them want one thing and that’s finding true love.

“I’m beyond excited to start this incredible adventure and find the special girl I’ve been waiting for,” Matty admitted to the publication.

We hope Matty's love quest ends in a proposal as too.

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