The $12 eyebrow product everyone is going crazy for

Sarah Carty

A new eyebrow product is sweeping the market and we are so here for it.

The Maybelline Tatoo Brow 3 Day Gel-Tint promises to leave you waking up every day to “defined, evenly filled brows” and according to reviews online, it definitely delivers.

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The brow gel, which is available in four different shades, comes in a lipgloss-style bottle, with a sleek applicator.

Maybelline's eyebrow tattoo gel is getting amazing reviews online. Photo: Priceline
Jessica Gilmore is amazed by the product. Photo: Supplied

It’s recommended you leave the product on for at least 20 minutes, but we left it on for an hour just to make sure it gave us the lasting effect we were looking for.

Then you peel it off and your left with tinted brows which Maybelline promises will last for at least three days.

We gave it a try and considering eyebrow microblading can cost $1,200 upwards, it’s a pretty inexpensive way to make sure your brows are looking topnotch on the daily.

And we weren’t the only ones raving about the product, with bloggers, mums and reviewers gushing over it on the web.

Jenni Groth showed the effect of the brow tattoo online. Photo: Supplied
Mum Sophie Austin loves the Maybelline brow tint. Photo: Supplied

“Love love love the eyebrow tattoo . I go in with an eyebrow brush to get a precise application and leave it on for about 40-60 minutes and it last me about 5 days,” Jessica Gilmore said online.

“Can't recommend this product enough! I started waxing my eyebrows at a young age and am now regretting it big time. I have had to resort to feather brow tattoo. Unfortunately it's not working out the ink isn't taking and I'm waitsting ALOT of money. My visit to Kmart last night i found this product and I'm "in love" best spent $20,” Sophie Austin said.

Vllogger Sharon Farrell took to her YouTube channel to try out the product, which had been sent to her by Maybelline.

She admitted that she usually tints her brows herself but after using this brow gel she said it was “like my new favourite product in the whole world ever”.

However when she heard it lasts three days she said “this is probably more for going to a music festival or a day at the beach or probably if you were going on vacation or holiday this would be a good one to bring with you but it’s not a replacement for getting your brows tinted”.

Blogger Sharon Farrell couldn't believe the effect the brow tattoo had. Photo: YouTube
Josie Gleeson was also a fan. Photo: YouTube

Fellow blogger Josie Gleeson said "I can't tell you how much I wish I had this product when I was like 15 and overplucked my eyebrows and had to go on school camp and literally my eyebrows just washed off".

"I was pretty much missing half an eyebrow back then and I would have killed for something like this."

The 5ml Maybelline Brow Tattoo is currently on sale at Priceline for $12.

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