McDonalds optical illusion breaks the internet

Allison Yee

Claps to McDonald's for subliminal messaging at its best after the fast food giant has released an optical illusion that’s left the internet totally stumped – and craving junk food.

For those of you prone to headaches or struggling with their eyesight, look away now because this optical illusion is not for the faint hearted.

Posted on the McDonald’s UK Facebook page with the caption, “Tag a mate who should read between the lines”, the images shows a square box with black lines.

Can you see what this illusion says? Photo: Facebook

The post has since had 10,000 reactions with people commenting how hard they found it.

“As if my eyes weren't bad enough.. spent a good 10 mins looking at this now everything I look at looks like a zebra on steroids,” joked one.

"That's just messed up my eyes, thanks McDonald's," wrote another.

Source: Giphy

If you still can't see it, some people have posted handy tips on Facebook.

“Just tilt your phone backwards so you see it at an angle, lol, no eye strain required,” suggested one.

The illusion has been praised as marketing genuis for the fast food giant. Photo: Facebook

“Tip to anyone trying to strain to read this - just out stretch your arm and hold your phone far away from your face,” added another tipster.

Want the answer?

It’s something we’ve all said in a hungover state: “Bring McNuggets”.

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