Meet Doug, the Man Whose Awestruck Reaction to Skateboard Tricks Is Stealing Hearts Everywhere

A man has become an internet sensation after his excellent reactions to a skateboarder doing tricks in a parking lot was shared to Instagram by Alex Nichols on September 5.

Virginia-native Nichols was videoing his friend AJ trying to pull off a skateboarding trick, when they realized they had an avid fan watching from the sidelines.

After AJ just barely pulls off a rather mediocre skateboard stunt, Doug lets out an awestruck “Yeah! That was fuckin’ great dude.” He continues to watch AJ skate, providing amazing feedback as each trick leaves him dumbfounded.

He introduces himself to the skater as Doug, and the pair enjoy a beer together. All of Doug’s hilarious reactions can be seen in Nichols’s video.

Doug became a Twitter superstar after a version of the clip was shared by user @pulserino, where it had earned over 60,729 retweets at the time of writing. Credit: alexnichols1 via Storyful