Meet The Cute Dog With Better Hair Than You

Sarah Carty
Kuma the dog may have better hair than any of us. Photo credit: Instagram

It's a sure sign we need to book an appointment with the hairdresser when we are envious of dog's groomed locks.

Kuma, who is a Pekingese and Shih Tzu, has stormed the internet with her luscious locks and now she even has her own Instagram page.

The adorable Shih Tzu knows how to rock her hairstyles.

Followed by over ten million people, Kuma has managed to tame her fur with ease by using a numer of accessories, including hats, bows and scarves.

The cute canine can even pull off a hat.

From looking at these photos, it's obvious the canine has never had a bad hair day in her whole life.

The adorable puppy can even pull off wearing a hat.