Meet the woman who styles toddlers

Aletha Wilkinson

Most Aussie adults wouldn't dream of hiring their own personal stylists. But what about a stylist... for your toddler?

That's right, a new Aussie service is offering personal shopping and styling for kids as young as one year old.

Jordana Silver's new business offers personal styling for tinies. Source: Sunrise
Choose your child's personal style. Source: Pirates & Pineapples

"As parents, our children are an extension of us," Jordana Silver, owner of kid-styling site Pirates & Pineapples, explained to Be. "What I really try to do with our service is blend the parents' desires and the children's likes."

After filling out a profile questionnaire, choosing from styles such as "Sporty Chic", "Cool Kid" or "Athletic", parents then agree to receive a box of handpicked clothing each month for a subscription fee.

The site caters for both boys and girls. Source: Pirates & Pineapples

Jordana comes from a solid background in the fashion industry.

"I relocated to Sydney with my husband after living in New York City and working in-house for Michael Kors for seven years," she said.

And she believes there is definitely a space in the marketplace for a kids' stylist.

"Whether they're working outside or inside the home, mums just have no time," Jordana said. "Kids get bored walking around stores, they don't understand mummy wanting to look at clothes, and anyway, if you're a busy mum the last thing you want to do is shop."

High fashion is no longer just for child models. Source: Gety

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