Real life Cinderella: Woman launches appeal to find $2000 lost shoe

Kristine Tarbert

In what could potentially be a real life Cinderella story, a Melbourne woman has launch an appeal to find a missing $2000 shoe.

Meg Landrigan has put a call out to locate a missing $2000 Givenchy leopard print shoe that she lost after spending the day at Oaks Day in Flemington.

She had borrowed the designer pair of shoes from a friend for race day, before taking them off and putting the heels in her bag to switch them for a pair of flats.

Meg has launched an appeal to find a missing $2k shoe. Photo: Sunrise

However when she got home she realised that she only had one shoe, and the other one was missing.

“I last remember seeing them when I put them in the bag to put the flats on and walk about 800m to the car,” Meg told Sunrise.

She lost the shoe at the end of Oaks Day at Flemington. Photo: Getty

She says the shoes have some sentimental value as her friend had bought them in LA at the end of a special trip.

“They are special because a group of us had been in Mexico for a friend’s 50th. And my gorgeous friend loaned them to me and I feel dreadful,” she says.

She borrowed the shoes from a friend for the day. Photo: Supplied

Putting a call out on 3AW radio, the woman hopes that someone has the shoe so she can return the pair to her friend.

While her friend has been “amazing”, she is praying the shoe was not thrown out by cleaners on the day.

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