Megan Gale forced to defend night out without newborn

Bianca Soldani

In another classic case of mummy shaming, Megan Gale has had to defend her decision to enjoy a baby free night after welcoming her second child.

The model and actress - who says she experienced a ‘mild case of post-natal depression’ after becoming a mum for the first time - shared a photo of herself and finance Shaun Hampson heading out for a dinner date last week.

She captioned the shot, “River with his Nanna [tick] Rosie with her Nonna [tick] With about 10 mins to get ready my man & I are out for a quick dinner date. Missing our babies but SO important for parents to have some couple time when / if they can grab it”.

Megan shared this photo of her with fiance Shaun Hampson. Photo: Instagram

Little did she know that it would attract so much controversy, and Megan was soon inundated with nasty comments blaming her for leaving her daughter Rosie.

It prompted the mum-of-two to hit back and explain how she’d learnt from her experience with three-year-old son River.

“For sure we have to devote the majority of our time to our kids. However, IF it can be managed well, stealing an hour or two, here and there as a couple or an individual is a ‘win’ for parents, Megan wrote.

She suffered mild post-natal depression while at home with her first child. Photo: Instagram

“In this instance we had left Rosie with my very experienced and capable Mum after I had bathed, dressed, fed her and put her down plus I'd expressed enough milk for two feeds just in case.

“At the moment she sleeps for 4-5 hours and then feeds again so we knew we had more than enough time for a 1 hour dinner, which was 3mins from our house.”

Megan went on to explain that our of guilt and fear, she hardly left the house in the six weeks after she gave birth to River.

“I lost a little part of myself and also developed what I now feel was a mild case of post natal depression,” she said.

She's learnt from her experience and is taking time for herself. Photo: Instagram

“If you've ensured your child is well looked after in your absence, then there is nothing wrong with some alone time as a couple or as an individual. You'll be happier people for it and more importantly, better parents.”

Well said Megan, we couldn’t agree more.

The Mad Max star told Stellar magazine earlier this year that after having River, she "got so sleep-deprived I was a bit bonkers, and was not happy".

"I was thankful and loving the fact that I was a mum, but I wasn’t myself. I wonder now whether I had a touch of PND [postnatal depression]," she said.

"I started well on my first month of breastfeeding, then my flow was all over the shop. I couldn’t get him back on the boob. I was berating myself and crying when I had to give formula. I’d pump, I’d feed, I’d settle him, he’d sleep. And when he slept I would pump. It was horrible."

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