Meghan Markle's nude scene battle

Bianca Soldani

Nude scenes are part and parcel of work as an actor, especially if you’re a woman.

But luckily for Meghan Markle, now a future royal and the soon-to-be wife of Prince Harry, she’s never had to do one - but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t come close.

Reg Traviss, the director of 2015 film Anti-Social in which Meghan starred, has revealed he copped flak from his bosses for not getting the actress the strip down.

Meghan did a towel scene but no nude scene in the movie. Photo: Anti-Social

In an interview with The Sun, he admitted to being confronted by management to add a full nude scene, but he refused because “it wasn’t needed for the story”.

“I remember at early screenings of the film,” Reg said, “various distributors and people like that were like, ‘Oh there’s no sex scenes or nude scenes’.”

“Often they look out for things like that because they feel that it sells.”

He went on to say that other people in his position would have towed the ‘sex sells’ line, and that if asked to do a nude scene, he believed Meghan would not have said no.

She'll give up on her acting career to marry Prince Harry. Photo: Getty

“I think with all serious actors they’re willing to portray anything if the story calls for it,” Reg, who once dated Amy Winehouse, said.

Meghan has previously spoken about how “weird” it was to film her first sex scene with Suits co-star Patrick J Adams, and how she’s pushed back on the show’s writers when she felt her character was being over sexualised.

“This season every script seemed to begin with ‘Rachel enters wearing a towel,’” she told a conference in 2014.

Meghan said her first filling room sex scene on Suits was 'weird' to film. Photo: Suits

“And I said, ‘Nope, not doing it anymore. Not doing it.’ And I called the creator, I was like, ‘It’s just gratuitous. We get it, we’ve already seen it once.’

“So I think at a certain point you feel empowered enough to just say no. I think it’s a challenging thing to do if you don’t know your worth and your value.”

She went on to talk about actresses being sexualised in general and added, “Look, as an auditioning actress years ago, you’re so hungry for work, of course you’re willing to do things like that.

“So I think a lot of these women who are in the music videos, that’s still exciting for them. What we need to shift in their minds is that they have higher value than that and they don’t need to be doing that.

“I think for me, speaking up and being able to say I'm not going to do that anymore, has been a big shift for me personally.”

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