The secret behind Meghan Markle's social media blackout

Sarah Carty

She’s the former Hollywood star used to sharing every aspect of her life with the public but Meghan Markle has just done the unimaginable by deleting all of her social media accounts.

The 36-year-old, who starred as Rachel in Suits for six years, had a strong following on Instagram and Facebook and was the founder and curator of content of her own lifestyle blog The Tig.

However, in the last 24 hours, just before she attending her first official engagement with Prince Harry, the American did a full blackout on all of her accounts.

Meghan Markle's social media accounts have been deleted. Photo: Instagram/Meghan Markle
Just before her first official royal engagement with Prince Harry, the former actress deleted any trace of herself from social media. Photo: Instagram/Meghan Markle

Now, if you search for the beauty online, you’ll be greeted by an error message after all her photos were deleted.

If you’re wondering where this came from, it’s believed Meghan’s princess training is complete and that was the final part of the puzzle.

Indeed, it was back in April last year that Meghan bid her blog followers farewell, just when things began heating up with Prince Harry.

Fast-forward nearly a year later and Meghan is due to marry her prince charming in 122 days’ time.

It's thought it's against royal protocol for Meghan to have her own social media accounts. Photo: Instagram/Meghan Markle

Just before the pair visited Brixton today, Meghan’s social media accounts were disabled, leading many to believe that it’s against royal protocol for Meghan to have her own online presence.

It would make sense, as it appears any royal social media updates are always made through the Kensington Palace official Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Even their engagement was announced on the Kensington Palace page.

Meghan follows in the footsteps of her future sister-in-law Kate Middleton, who has no online presence.

Meghan used to post photos of her everyday life. Here she is with her dogs. Photo: Instagram/Meghan Markle
Here she is looking chic on holiday. Photo: Instagram/Meghan Markle

However, that hasn’t stopped people from distributing Meghan’s former Instagram photos online.

The future royal used to post about her everyday life, wine trips with friends and selfies with famous faces.

But now that she’s reportedly set to become the Duchess of Sussex, that’s a thing of the past.

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