Meghan Markle racially smeared by glamour model

Bianca Soldani

A British glamour model has been publicly shamed for making offensive and racially-charged comments about Meghan Markle.

Jo Marney, who is the 25-year-old girlfriend of embattled politician and UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader Henry Bolton, said future royal Markle is ‘obsessed with race’, ‘and her seed will taint our royal family’.

In a series of text messages to a friend which were obtained by the Mail on Sunday, Marney launches into a racial-fuelled tirade against Prince Harry’s bride, saying their marriage will lead to a ‘black king’.

Meghan Markle is set to marry Prince Harry on May 19. Photo: Getty

“Just a dumb little commoner,” she wrote about Markle, “tiny brain”.

“She’s black. This is Britain not Africa.”

Marney goes on to say “she’s [Markle] a black American. Pushing their way to the top slowly. Next will be a Muslim PM and a black king.”

Marney has released a statement apologising unreservedly for her comments, but both she and her 54-year-old boyfriend have been slammed for the remarks.

The model has apologised for the offensive comments. Photo: Twitter

Calls have been made for Bolton to resign as party leader and his relationship with Marney is being investigated by UKIP.

Bolton went public with his new girlfriend earlier this month after it emerged he left his 42-year-old wife Tatiana Smurova, during the festive season to be with mistress Marney, who is less than half his age.

In a scathing interview last week, Smurova said, “What kind of person runs away to sleep with another woman, leaving their two small children over Christmas?”

"I’m still breastfeeding his child for goodness sake.”

Marney shared this photo of herself with Bolton on Boxing Day. Photo: Twitter

The chairman of UKIP said Marney’s party membership has been suspended after her offensive remarks and that “UKIP does not, has not and never will condone racism."

Meanwhile in her apology statement, Marney said, “I apologise unreservedly for the shocking language I used.

"No offence was intended and, again, I apologise unreservedly for any such offence or hurt that my messages have caused to members of the public, members of UKIP, my friends, family and loved ones.

Prince Harry has already had to speak out once about racial abuse levelled at his fiancée.

"I have disappointed them all and let myself down. I cannot sufficiently express my regret and sadness at having done so."

Prince Harry had to step forward last year to respond to racially-fuelled attacks after it was first confirmed that he and the Suits actress were dating.

A statement released on his behalf criticised British newspapers, and people on social media for, “the racial undertones of comment pieces; and the outright sexism and racism of social media trolls and web article comments.”

Marney is pictured here with former diplomat and athlete Andy Wigmore. Photo: Twitter

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