Meghan Markle’s brother speaks out about brutal public rejection

Allison Yee

She’s kept a dignified silence while her family have spilled the beans on what they think about her relationship with Prince Harry, and now Meghan Markle’s brother Thomas Markle Jnr has revealed how the Suits star brutally rejected him when he reached out.

Tom, who shares a dad with Meghan, sent a letter to the Suits star to congratulate her on her engagement to the royal.

When Meghan didn’t respond, Tom, who made headlines when he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend last year, contacted the palace in an attempt to hear from Meghan, and was brutally rebuffed.

Meghan's been accused of brutally rejecting her family, saying she doesn't know them. Photo: Getty

“My lawyer had a phone meeting with her lawyer, and he emailed me some of her direct words,” Tom told In Touch magazine.

“She said, 'That's distant family and I don't know those people.' That's pretty harsh’.”

Tom's mugshot was revealed after he was arrested for assaulting his girlfriend last year. Photo: Supplied

Describing the response as a “slap in the face”, Tom believes his recent indiscretions, along with their sister Samantha Grant’s habit of airing the family's dirty laundry, has seen Meghan shut her family out.

The 51-year-old admits he lost touch with Meghan when she moved to Toronto in 2011 after landing her breakout role in Suits, but was close to her when they grew up.

Both Meghan's half sister Samantha and Thomas have spoken out in public - and it's no doubt causing the actress headaches in the lead-up to her wedding. Photo: Getty

And Tom admits his life hasn’t been the same since Meghan was thrust into the spotlight following her high-profile relationship with British royalty.

“We've been under a lot of stress because of all the attention,” he told the Mail last year.

“At some point you find yourself drinking too much to escape the pressure.”

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