Mel Greig: 'I met someone who has left an imprint on my heart'

Mel Greig

Fairy tales are real. They can have such a beautiful start, an even better middle but like any happy story, sometimes a tragic end.

I met someone three weeks ago who has left an imprint on my heart.

Someone who showed me the true fighting spirit and the true meaning of unconditional love.

Mel Greig says she
Megan Cafferty has terminal spinal cancer and has been with her partner, Michael, for the past 15 years. Photo: Supplied

Her name is Megan Cafferty and she has terminal spinal cancer.

She has only been ‘Megan Cafferty’ for a week though.

You see her final wish was to become a wife and within a week and with the power of radio, we were able to make that a reality.

One of Megan’s friends contacted us at 96.5 Wave FM to share the tragic, yet brave story of their friend.

Megan has been with her partner Michael for 15 years and they have two beautiful boys together but they had never been engaged, let alone married and time was now something they didn’t have on their side.

The moment I met Megan I knew she was someone special.

Within minutes of meeting Megan, Mel said her partner, Michael was on his knee proposing and within seven days, they had her walking down the aisle. Photo: Supplied

In life, we can be dealt some very hard and unfair cards and each person will handle it differently.

The normal reaction would be to feel extremely sad and sorry for yourself and scream ‘WHHHYYYY ME THIS IS SO UNFAIR’ and then proceed to crawl up into a ball and spend your final months crying.

I completely understand that and there is nothing wrong with that but for Megan she was going to grab life by the horns and make the most of it.

Her spirit and hilarity lit up the room and I had an instant connection with her and I still do.

This woman is going to die soon and she is going to die leaving a legacy.

Within minutes of meeting Megan, we had her partner, Michael, on his knee proposing and within seven days, with the help of our incredible community, we had her walking down the aisle.

I’ve always said that in a relationship I just want ‘unconditional love’ and when we analyse that and go ‘but what does that mean?’ well Megan and Michael are a true example.

After 15 years together, Michael will now love and care for his wife through imminent death.

He will help her at her weakest and love her through to her last moments.

Mel said the way Michael looks at Megan is like something out of a fairy tale. Photo: Supplied

The way he looks at Megan - that unconditional love, respect and care is something you see in a fairy tale.

Megan won’t get her fairy tale ending but she is so grateful to the chapters they’ve created and experienced.

Life is cruel. Life is hard. But it’s up to you to choose the way you handle the pain.

If you ever find yourself sitting there thinking you are hard done by or the smallest thing is getting to you like it’s the end of the world, think about Megan and be grateful that you have a life.

To my beautiful Megan, thank you for letting me into your life.

Thank you for letting me create something magical for you and thank you for being my friend.

My life is better for having you in it no matter how long we have together. #tilldeathdouspart

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