Melania’s controversial plans for Trump's 71st birthday

Allison Yee

Since his inauguration back in January, it’s been months of a long distance relationship and very public hand swats between Donald Trump and his wife Melania.

Amid speculation of Melania’s resentment at being thrust into the first lady role, she’s continued to dig her heels in and reside at the couple’s Trump Towers New York home with their 11-year-old son Barron.

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As the months have passed and Melania’s move failed has to materialise, it's something that's sparked increasing controversy.

With petitions created urging her to move and save taxpayers the near $200,000 cost per day to protect the family in New York, the spotlight has firmly been on Melania and her White House relocation.

Much has been made of the awkward public appearances of Melania and Trump. Photo: Getty

With Trump’s 71st birthday fast approaching, many have wondered what's on the cards for the couple.

Now it’s been revealed Melania and Barron are finally making the move to Washington – on the POTUS’ birthday on June 14.

“The move helps to give the impression that the president is currently in a stable, solid marriage and that his home life is under control,” history professor at Ohio University, Katherine Jellison, told Politico.

Sources say Melania is a calming influence on the POTUS, with many looking forward to her moving into the White House. Photo: Getty

The report claims presidential aides are relieved the first lady will be moving into the White House, saying her calming influence is much needed by the “increasingly cheerless” President.

White House officials reveal Melania has been preparing for life after the move, and is making her presence known on how “protective of her husband’s image and agenda” she is.

It's taken six months, but Melania is finally moving in with her husband at the White House. Photo: Getty

“Just as she did during the campaign, she will email aides stories she considers unhelpful,” the Politico report reveals.

“She keeps tabs on which aides she believes are loyal to the president, expresses her unvarnished opinions about personnel, and shares her husband’s interest in and anger at cable news coverage of his administration."

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