Ultimate Melbourne Cup hangover cure

Sarah Carty

There’s nothing like watching the Melbourne Cup while enjoying a few champers with your workmates.

But, if like us, you dread that niggling hangover headache the next day as you try to make your way to the office, rest assured you’re not alone.

However, it turns out that there’s a few easy ways you can minimize the effect your session has on your body – and you better get started now.

We're all fans of a few Melbourne Cup beverages. Photo: Getty Images
But no one wants the next day hangover it brings. Photo: Getty Images

The Natural Nutrionist, Steph Lowe, from Australian beef, has revealed her top tips for the ultimate hangover survival guide.

The first tip starts tonight, with Steph recommending getting enough sleep the night before.

Apart from being amazing for your health and wellbeing, getting your recommended eight hours the night before will make it easy for you to stay hydrated on the day.

The morning of the Cup, make sure you stick to your routine and complete your workout.

“Schedule your workout in like you would any social engagement and prioritise the time to make it happen,” Steph said.

“It will release feel good endorphins and leave you energised for the rest of the day.”

Before you head off for your day of drinking, Steph says you should make smart choices about what food you eat.

She recommends red meat with vegetables and a good carbohydrate, such as quinoa or basmati rice.

Remember to drink water throughout the day and snack on food. Photo: Getty Images

Throughout the day, she says to not forget to snack, as it reduces the temptations and it will keep you fuller for longer.

If you do have too many drinks, Steph says to soak it up with food to reduce the effects the hangover will have.

“Instead of turning to greasy takeaway burrito or burger, why not make a homemade steak sandwich,” she says.

And of course, last by not least, one of the most important ways you can stop a hangover while drinking is to keep hydrated throughout the day.

Drink at least 2 litres of water and have an additional glass of water between each alcoholic beverage. Photo: Getty Images

“Ensuring you drink at least 2 litres of water per day will not only help you stay hydrated but will flush out any toxins,” she said.

“When you do hit the booze, start the day with a glass of water and have an additional glass of water between each alcoholic beverage.”

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