Men are offering to get Sophie Monk pregnant

Olivia Morris

Bachelorette Sophie Monk's revealed she's got some pretty strange fans out there who are willing to do just about anything to make her happy.

While chatting with Hit 105’s Stav, Abby and Matt with Osher the 37-year-old revealed she’s been getting emails from "random men" who are "like 100-years-old" offering to get her pregnant.

Sophie's profile has skyrocketed since her appearance on The Bachelorette and because of it she's been receiving some strange emails. Source: Channel 10

“It’s the funniest emails like, ‘I will give you a baby,’” she explained.

Her simple reply: “Nah. I’m good.”

We imagine this is what her face would be like when she gets these strange email offers. Source: Channel 10

Last night Australia was left shocked when Sophie sent Manly-based hunk Luke McLeod packing on The Bachelorette.

Stu enjoyed a single date with Sophie on The Bachelorette last night. Source: Channel 10

It appears Luke has now hinted he was sent home to make way for frontrunner Stu.

He admitted to The Daily Telegraph he was “confused” by Sophie’s choice and thought he might’ve been given the boot as to not distract her affections for the 44-year-old publican.

Luke surprisingly went home last night on The Bachelorette. Was it to make way for Stu? Source: Channel 10

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“There was obviously guys who came into the house and I noticed almost straight away that there was a connection with one of them, and maybe she just wanted to remove someone out of the picture to not complicate things too much so she could focus on developing a relationship with that person,” the 33-year-old told the outlet.

But even now the business consultant is still trying to figure out what went wrong.

“I was just really confused. I felt numb. And I was just trying to retrace my steps and think, ‘how did I screw things up?’” Luke told the publication.

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